Clean Water for All / Agua Limpia para Todos by Stacy Amling

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All too often, we frame the discussion of clean water and water access as a problem that others face. We take for granted that the water coming out of our faucet is clean and drinkable. With this project, my students and I will examine the important issue of water quality, keeping in mind that our own water in central Iowa has had been deemed unsafe to drink recently because of high levels of nitrates, due in large part to agriculture run-off. We are going to examine this issue from multiple perspectives and prepare materials in Spanish about it for the Latino community in Iowa.

National Foreign Language Resource Center
Sept. 1, 2015
Stacy Amling

Language: Spanish

Subject Area(s): the environment, global challenges, sustainability

Instructional Context

Target Audience Description:
Community college students enrolled in Intermediate Spanish II will be preparing materials in Spanish for the Latino community in central Iowa to support the mission of organizations such as the Iowa International Center. Our work will help to convey important information about water quality issues in Iowa to the Spanish-speaking population here. Currently, there is little information available in other languages, so this will be an important contribution to the community outreach being done to build awareness of our environmental issues.

Product Description:
Students will be creating written and audiovisual materials (e.g., videos, PowerPoint presentations, etc.) in Spanish that can be shared with Latinos online and via social media.

Product Target Culture:
Latinos living in Iowa

Heritage Learners:

Audience Location:

Language Proficiency

ACTFL Scale:
4 3 5

World Readiness Standards


School and Global

Cultural comparisons

Making Connections


Relating Cultural Practices to Perspectives

21st Century Skills

Interdisciplinary Themes
Global Awareness

Information, Media, and Technology Skills
Technology Literacy

Life and Career Skills
Leadership and responsibility
Productivity and Accountability

Interdisciplinary Themes
Civic Literacy

Project Sequence Overview

Launching the Project

1. Project Kick-Off - As an introduction, we will watch this commercial ( and discuss it. more detail

2. Brainstorming - Using Padlet, students will work in small groups to brainstorm about our topic. more detail

Managing the Project

1. Identifying Resources - Students will have class time (and continue outside of class) to begin identifying resources from the community and online that can support their inquiry into this topic. more detail

2. Interviews & Investigation - Students will have time to work on their interviews and continued investigation. We will debrief as a class and revisit our K-W-H-L chart to add updates. more detail

3. Drafting - Students will begin drafting their materials (format to be determined by students) to share their findings about water quality issues with the Latino community in our area. more detail

4. Peer Review & Revision - Students will share their drafts with other classmates and get feedback on format, content, and language. more detail


1. Practice Presentations (in Class) - In preparation for sharing our final products with our community partners and the Latino community in our area, students will present them in class and get additional feedback. more detail

2. Community Partner Presentation - As part of our culminating celebration, we will hold an open house with our community partner and premiere our Spanish-language materials about water quality issues in Iowa. more detail