Evaluative Criteria for Computer-Delivered Language Learning Systems

    This NFLRC project will result in the development of evaluative criteria for the design, selection, and utilization of computer-delivered multimedia language learning systems. As part of the project, leading experts in fields aligned with multimedia will be commissioned to write state of the art papers addressing central issues in their fields as these impinge on the conceptualization and design of multimedia software for foreign language learning.

    The authors of the papers will be invited to take part in a 3-day conference at the University of Hawai‘i during which they will present summaries of their papers, evaluate selected multimedia programs, and develop a set of evaluative criteria for assessment of multimedia programs and a blueprint for their future development.

    The end result of the project will be a report which will contain papers by the invited experts, evaluative criteria for multimedia programs that will emerge from the conference, recommendations for the future development of foreign language learning multimedia, a bibliography, and reviews of multimedia programs currently in use. Summaries of papers, evaluative criteria, recommendations for future development, and multimedia reviews will be made available on the Web. [note: the resulting site, “Multimedia Language Learning Software” is available at http://www.nflrc.hawaii.edu/NetWorks/NW31]