Korean for professionals volume 2

    Dong-Kwan Kong (Ed.)

    Kong, D. (Ed.). (2015). Korean for professionals (Vol. 2). Honolulu, HI: National Foreign Language Resource Center.

    The Korean Language Flagship Center aims to produce professionals who can function in Korean in their chosen fields. After two years of intensive Korean language training customized to their fields, graduates of this program are expected to take their place among the next generation of global professionals as Korea specialists, commanding professional-level proficiency in Korean.

    Successful completion of the program and demonstration of the ability to use Korean at a professional level (ILR 3, ACTFL Superior) lead to the Master of Arts degree in Korean for Professionals. This monograph series is a compilation of the students’ research critical and controversial issues in Korea or Korea-US relations. 


    1 ·중의동북아안보주도권을둘러싼
    US-China Power Conflict in Northeast Asian Security: Solving the North Korean Nuclear Issue
    아일린 블락 / Eileen Block

    2 북한주민들의대내인식변화
    North Korean Residents’ Changing Attitudes toward their Nation and Leadership, 1990s – 2010
    정쉐리 / Sherie Chung

    3 북한의냉전, 탈냉전시기국익의변화: 사상적측면을중심으로
    Changes in North Korean National Interest During the Cold War and Post-Cold War Eras from an Ideological Perspective
    스티븐 엘우드 / Steven Elwood

    4 국제사회의대북제재현황평가
    The Current State of Sanctions Against North Korea: An Evaluation of UN Security Council Resolution 1874 and the International Community’s Sanctions Toward North Korea
    한승진 / Seung Jin Han 

    5 북한무기수출에대한고찰: 향후무기수출방향과그에대한국제사회의대응책을중심으로
    A Study on North Korean Arms Transfers: North Korea’s Future Direction and the International Society’s Response
    허선영 / Susan Huh

    6 해외입양에대한현안
    The Plight of Korean International Adoption
    김주은 / Esther Kim

    7 김일성과김정일의리더십비교
    Leadership Comparison: Kim Il-sung and Kim Jung-il 이지원
    Jennifer Lee

    8 중국의대북정책: 변화와전망 2 북핵위기를중심으로
    China’s North Korea Policy: Evolution since the 2009 Nuclear Crisis and Outlook
    임은혜 / Grace Lim

    9 한반도평화협정에대한북한의주장과함의: 2 북해위기전후비교
    North Korea’s Assertions on the Peace Agreement and its Implications: Comparing before and after the Second North Korean Nuclear Crisis
    맹주현 / Diana Maeng

    10 한미동맹간의분열: 한국대미인식의변화와그것이한미관계에미치는영향
    Schism of KOR-US Alliance: Change in Recognition of US in Korea and its Influence on KOR-US Relationship
    남윤상 / Yoon Sang Nam

    11 북한핵문제에대한김대중정부햇볕정책의영향
    Influences of Kim Dae-jung’s Sunshine Policy on North Korea’s Nuclear Issues
    박성진 / Samuel Pak

    12 제한된합리적선택론에입각한북한의탈냉전시대
    North Korea’s Post-Cold War U.S. Policy and Bounded Rationality
    케빈 세파드 / Kevin Shepard

    13 한국사회의북한인권관련 NGO 활동과
    Evaluation of North Korean Human Rights focused NGOs in South Korea: Based on the NGO contents of the 2009 United National Universal Periodic Review
    서수연 / Soo Yon Suh


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