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Volume 8 (2014)

Table of Contents

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Using TEI for an Endangered Language Lexical Resource: The Nxaʔamxcín Database-Dictionary Project
Ewa Czaykowska-Higgins, Martin D. Holmes, and Sarah M. Kell
pp. 1-37
abstract | pdf

Integrating Language Documentation, Language Preservation, and Linguistic Research: Working with the Kokamas from the Amazon
Rosa Vallejos
pp. 38-65
abstract | pdf

More than Words: Towards a Development-Based Approach to Language Revitalization
Brent Henderson, Peter Rohloff, and Robert Henderson
pp. 75-91
abstract | pdf

Using Gesture to Teach Seneca in a Language Nest School
Melissa Elayne Borgia
pp. 92-99
abstract | pdf

Documenting and Researching Endangered Languages: The Pangloss Collection
Boyd Michailovsky, Martine Mazaudon, Alexis Michaud, Séverine Guillaume, Alexandre François, and Evangelia Adamou
pp. 119-135
abstract | pdf

yaʕ̓tmín cqwəlqwilt nixw, uł nixw, ul nixw, I need to speak more, and more, and more: Okanagan-Colville (Interior Salish) Indigenous second-language learners share our filmed narratives
Michele K. Johnson (Sʔímlaʔxw)
pp. 136-167
abstract | pdf

Beyond the Ancestral Code: Towards a Model for Sociolinguistic Language Documentation
Tucker Childs, Jeff Good, and Alice Mitchell
pp. 168-191
abstract | pdf

Using Mixed Media Tools for Eliciting Discourse in Indigenous Languages
Marion Caldecott and Karsten Koch
pp. 209-240
abstract | pdf

Language Documentation in the Americas
Bruna Franchetto and Keren Rice
pp. 251-261
abstract | pdf

Collaboration in the Context of Teaching, Scholarship, and Language Revitalization: Experience from the Chatino Language Documentation Project
Emiliana Cruz and Anthony C. Woodbury
pp. 262-286
abstract | pdf

The Pleasures and Pitfalls of a ‘Participatory’ Documentation Project: An Experience in Northwestern Amazonia
Kristine Stenzel
pp. 287-306
abstract | pdf

Training in the Community-Collaborative Context: A Case Study
Racquel-María Yamada
pp. 326-344
abstract | pdf

Developing a Living Archive of Aboriginal Languages
Catherine Bow, Michael Christie, and Brian Devlin
pp. 345-360
abstract | pdf

Between duty statement and reality – The “Linguist/Coordinator” at an Australian Indigenous language centre
Knut J. Olawsky
pp. 361-383
abstract | pdf

When is a linguist not a linguist: the multifarious activities and expectations for a linguist in an Australian language centre
Adriano Truscott
pp. 384-408
abstract | pdf

Reclaiming the Kaurna language: a long and lasting collaboration in an urban setting
Rob Amery
pp. 409-429
abstract | pdf

Linguists and language rebuilding: recent experience in two New South Wales languages
John Giacon
pp. 430-451

Technology Reviews

Review of SayMore
Sarah Ruth Moeller
pp. 66-74

The Sony NEX-VG30 video camera: A review for use in language documentation
Joshua Wilbur
pp. 100-112

Review of Gabmap: Doing Dialect Analysis on the Web
Conor Snoek
pp. 192-208

Using the Livescribe Echo Smartpen for Language Documentation
Michal Temkin Martinez
pp. 241-250
pdf (sounds embedded) [requires Adobe Reader 6 or above] | pdf (no embedded sounds)

(WAV versions of sound files and linked PDFs are archived in ScholarSpace: additional files).

Review of Arbil: Free Tool for Creating, Editing, and Searching Metadata
Rebecca Defina
pp. 307-314

Review of Mukurtu Content Management System
Michael Shepard
pp. 315-325

Book Reviews

Review of The last speakers: The quest to save the world's most endangered languages
by K. David Harrison
Reviewed by: Tyler Heston
pp. 113-118

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