SP26: Five Key Topics in Language Documentation and Description

ISBN-13: 978-0-9856211-5-5

Edited by Peter Jenks and Lev Michael

The five papers in this volume are intended as guides for linguists engaged in language documentation and description. Each contribution provides the conceptual background, central concepts, and where relevant, diagnostic criteria and tests, for working on five central aspects of language. The topics covered include the documentation of speech play and verbal art, information structure, basic semantic concepts in domains of definiteness and indefiniteness, tense and aspect, and valency-changing constructions and processes.


Front Matter

Peter Jenks, Lev Michael. 9-10.

Documenting Topic and Focus
Judith Aissen. 11-57.

Elicitation and Documentation of Tense and Aspect
Jürgen Bohnemeyer. 59-98.

Describing Definites and Indefinites
Virginia Dawson, Peter Jenks. 99-174.

Documenting Speech Play and Verbal Art: A Tutorial
Patience L. Epps, Anthony K Webster, Anthony C. Woodbury. 175-241.

Elicitation and Documentation of Valency-Changing Constructions and Processes
Marianne Mithun. 243-292.

Whole Volume