SP27: Voices: Perspectives from the International Year of Indigenous Languages

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Volume Introduction

Sarah Sandman, Shannon Bischoff, Jens Clegg

Front Matter

Published as a Special Publication of Language Documentation & Conservation

Linguistic Factors in Intergroup Relations and Democratic Governance in Nigeria

Adegboye Adeyanju. 1-12.

Workshopping for the Indigenous future: Indigenizing approaches that shift Indigenous language reclamation ideologies and increase perceptions of possible futures.

Bri Alexander. 13-26

Revitalizing Cameroon Indigenous Languages Usage in Empowering Realms

Kelen Ernesta Fonyuy. 27-40.

From the Square to the Page, and onto the other Page: The Order of Things in Basque Poetry in Translation

Amaia Gabantxo. 41-53

Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Colonizers: The Rejection of Manifest Destiny and Construction of an Alternate World Using Indigenous Futurisms in Popular Media

Courtney-Sophia W. Henry. 54-61.

What documenting for reclamation looks like: Ojibwemowin Forest Walks

Mary Hermes, Mel Engman, James McKenzie, Meixi. 62-74.

Kachin orature project: Documentation, archiving, and revitalization of oral heritage in northern Myanmar

Keita Kurabe, Lu Awng. 75-93.

Politics on the Periphery: The Challenges of Indigenous Linguistic Nationalism(s) in the Peruvian altiplano

Sandhya Krittika Narayanan. 94-104.

Redes de colaboración para la revitalización de las lenguas indígenas: la experiencia nasa-vasca
Creating networks and partnerships for Indigenous language revitalization: the Nasa-Basque experience

Ane Ortega, Arkaitz Zarraga. 105-116.

Making Dictionaries of Lesser-Known Indigenous languages: Coding of Lexical Semantic Information

Umarani Pappuswamy. 117-135.

Towards an Indigenously-informed Model for Assessing the Vitality of Native American Languages: a Southern Arizona Pilot Project

Tyler Peterson, Ofelia Zepeda. 136-154.

Creating wide networks of support for Indigenous languages: The workshop on Community-based Language Research Across the Americas (CBLRAA)

Katherine J. Riestenberg, Melvatha Chee, Tania Granadillo, Shannon Bischoff. 155-164.

NAMA in the IYIL 2019 Perspectives: Celebrating 20 Years Training Native Scholars in Linguistics

W. D. L. Silva, Amy Fountain, Bri Alexander, Corey Roberts, Mosiah Bluecloud, Joseph Dupris, Joseph Marks. 165-178.

Indigenous Community Media for Language Survival in Nepal

Dev Kumar Sunuwar. 179-185.

Proclamación y Celebración del Año Internacional de Lenguas Indígenas por Las Naciones Unidas

Proclamation and Celebration of The International Year of Indigenous Languages by The United Nations

Diego Tituaña. 186-196.

A Text Documentation and Socio-Pragmatic Analysis of Ibibio Women’s Satirical Folksongs

Eshiet Udosen, Ogbonna Anyanwu. 197-215.

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LD&C Special Publication No. 27: Voices: Perspectives from the International Year of Indigenous Languages.