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Volume 5 (2011)

Table of Contents

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Integrating Documentation and Formal Teaching of Kari’nja: Documentary Materials as Pedagogical Materials
Racquel-María Yamada
pp. 1–30
abstract | pdf

Puana ‘Ia me ka ‘Oko‘a: A Comparative Analysis of Hawaiian Language Pronunciation as Spoken and Sung
Joseph Keola Donaghy
pp. 107-133
abstract | pdf

‘Auto-documentación Lingüística’: La experiencia de una comunidad Jodï en la Guayana Venezolana
Miguel Marcello Quatra
pp. 134-156
abstract | pdf

"Unknown Unknowns" and the Retrieval Problem in Language Documentation and Archiving
Gary Holton
pp. 157-168
abstract | pdf

Biology in Language Documentation
Aung Si
pp. 169-186
abstract | pdf

Documentary Linguistics and Community Relations
Keren Rice
pp. 187-207
abstract | pdf

To BOLDly Go Where No One Has Gone Before
Brenda Boerger
pp. 208-233
abstract | pdf

Notes from the Field

Maranao: A Preliminary Phonological Sketch with Supporting Audio
Jason William Lobel and Labi Hadji Sarip Riwarung
pp. 31–59
pdf (sounds embedded) [requires Adobe Reader 6 or above] | pdf (no embedded sounds)

(WAV versions of sound files are archived in ScholarSpace: http://hdl.handle.net/10125/4487).

Technology Reviews

Review of NVivo 8
Reviewed by: Alex Rath
pp. 60–65

Review of JVC GY-HM100U HD video camera and FFmpeg libraries
Reviewed by: Jeremy Hammond
pp. 69-80

Review of Phon: Free Software for Phonological Transcription and Analysis
Reviewed by: Heather Buchan
pp. 81-87

Review of ANVIL: Annotation of Video and Language Data 5.0
Reviewed by: Ning Tan and Jean-Claude Martin
pp. 88-94

Review of WordSmith Tools
Reviewed by: D.J Prinsloo and Daniel Prinsloo
pp. 95-106

Book Reviews

Claire Bowern: Linguistic Fieldwork: A Practical Guide
Reviewed by: Lameen Souag
pp. 66-68

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