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Language Documentation & Conservation Special Publication No. 1
Documenting and Revitalizing Austronesian Languages

Edited by
D. Victoria Rau and Margaret Florey

University of Hawai‘i Press
ISBN 978-0-8248-3309-1

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Please click here to download the whole book as a single PDF. Individual chapters can be downloaded below.

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1. Introduction: Documenting and revitalizing Austronesian languages
Margaret Florey
pp. 1–12
abstract | pdf

Part I. International capacity building initiatives

Chapter 2. The language documentation and conservation initiative at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa
Kenneth L. Rehg
pp. 13–24
abstract | pdf

Chapter 3. Training for language documentation: Experiences at the School of Oriental and African Studies
Peter K. Austin
pp. 25–41
abstract | pdf

Chapter 4. SIL International and endangered Austronesian languages
J. Stephen Quakenbush
pp. 42–65
abstract | pdf

Part II. Documentation and revitalization activities

Chapter 5. Local autonomy, local capacity building and support for minority languages: Field experiences from Indonesia
I Wayan Arka
pp. 66–92
abstract | pdf

Chapter 6. Documenting and revitalizing Kavalan
Fuhui Hsieh and Shuanfan Huang
pp. 93–110
abstract | pdf

Chapter 7. E-learning in endangered language documentation and revitalization
D. Victoria Rau and Meng-Chien Yang
pp. 111–133
abstract | pdf

Chapter 8. Indigenous language–informed participatory policy in Taiwan: A socio-political perspective
Yih-Ren Lin, Lahwy Icyeh, and Da-Wei Kuan (Daya)
pp. 134–161
abstract | pdf

Chapter 9. Teaching and learning an endangered Austronesian language in Taiwan
D. Victoria Rau, Hui-Huan Chang, Yin-Sheng Tai, Zhen-Yi Yang, Yi-Hui Lin, Chia-Chi Yang, and Maa-Neu Dong
pp. 162–188
abstract | pdf

Part III. Computational methods and tools for language documentation

Chapter 10. WeSay, a tool for engaging communities in dictionary building
Eric Albright and John Hatton
pp. 189–201
abstract | pdf

Chapter 11. On designing the Formosan multimedia word dictionaries by a participatory process
Meng-Chien Yang, Hsin-Ta Chou, Huey-Shiuan Guo, and Gia-Pyng Chen
pp. 202–218
abstract | pdf

Chapter 12. Annotating texts for language documentation with Discourse Profiler’s metatagging system
Phil Quick
pp. 219–245
abstract | pdf

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