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Language Documentation & Conservation Special Publication No. 2
Fieldwork and Linguistic Analysis in Indigenous Languages of the Americas

Edited by
Andrea L. Berez, Jean Mulder, and Daisy Rosenblum

May 2010
University of Hawai‘i Press
ISBN 978-0-8248-3530-9

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Please click here to download the whole book as a single PDF. Individual chapters can be downloaded below.

Table of Contents

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Front matter pdf
Table of contents pdf
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Acknowledgments pdf

Marianne Mithun
pp. iii-iv

Chapter 1. Introduction: The Boasian tradition and contemporary practice in linguistic fieldwork in the Americas
Daisy Rosenblum and Andrea L. Berez
pp. 1–8

Chapter 2. Sociopragmatic influences on the development and use of the discourse marker vet in Ixil Maya
Jule Gómez de García, Melissa Axelrod, and María Luz García
pp. 9–31
abstract | pdf

Chapter 3. Classifying clitics in Sm'algyax: Approaching theory from the field
Jean Mulder and Holly Sellers
pp. 33–56
abstract | pdf

Chapter 4. Noun class and number in Kiowa-Tanoan: Comparative-historical research and respecting speakers' rights in fieldwork
Logan Sutton
pp. 57–89
abstract | pdf

Chapter 5. The story of *ô in the Cariban family
Spike Gildea, B.J. Hoff, and Sérgio Meira
pp. 91–123
abstract | pdf

Chapter 6. Multiple functions, multiple techniques: The role of methodology in a study of Zapotec determiners
Donna Fenton
pp. 125–145
abstract | pdf

Chapter 7. Middles and reflexives in Yucatec Maya: Trusting speaker intuition
Israel Martínez Corripio and Ricardo Maldonado
pp. 147–171
abstract | pdf

Chapter 8. Studying Dena'ina discourse markers: Evidence from elicitation and narrative
Olga Charlotte Lovick
pp. 173–202
abstract | pdf

Chapter 9. Be careful what you throw out: Gemination and tonal feet in Weledeh Dogrib
Alessandro Jaker
pp. 203–222
abstract | pdf

Chapter 10. Revisiting the source: Dependent verbs in Sierra Popoluca (Mixe-Zoquean)
Lynda Boudreault
pp. 223–261
abstract | pdf

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