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The island of O‘ahu is serviced by the Honolulu International Airport (HNL). Airlines that fly to Hawai‘i include American, United, Delta, Hawaiian Airlines, and a wide variety of airlines from abroad. The airport is about a 20-minute drive (non-rush hour traffic time) from the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa or Waikiki.


NOTE: For those of you staying in on-campus housing, you might want to contact the shuttle companies in advance to see if they offer shuttle service to UH Manoa and what their rates are. If they offer a reasonable price for the service (i.e., cheaper than the cost of a taxi ride), you might consider making arrangements with them.

Click here for more information on ground transportation options available from the airport.

There is taxi service available outside the baggage claim area at the airport. An average fare from the airport to Waikiki or the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa campus is between $25-35. An average fare from Waikik to the UH Mānoa campus is between $10-15. You can also call:

The CAB – (808) 422-2222

Charley's Taxi – (808) 233-3333

City Taxi – (808) 524-2121



The University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa campus is located about 3 miles away from Waikiki, the main hotel area.

For the convenience of our conference attendees staying at the Ohana East (OEH) and Ohana West Hotels, we will be providing shuttle service to and from the Imin Center (IC) on the University of Hawai‘i at MaŻnoa campus during the conference.

Shuttle bus pick-up and drop-off will be in front of the Ohana East Hotel (Kaiulani Avenue side).


Bus 1: Pick-up at 7:30 am (OEH>IC)
Bus 2: Pick-up at 8 am (OEH>IC)

Evening (after reception):
Bus 1 & 2: Pick-up at 7:30 pm (IC>OEH)


Bus 1: Pick-up at 7:30 am (OEH>IC)
Bus 2: Pick-up at 8 am (OEH>IC)

Bus 1 & 2: Pick-up at 5:45 pm (IC>OEH)


Bus 1: Pick-up at 7:30 am (OEH>IC)
Bus 2: Pick-up at 8 am (OEH>IC)

Evening (after reception):
Bus 1 & 2: Pick-up at 7:30 pm (IC>OEH)


Bus 1: Pick-up at 7:30 am (OEH>IC)
Bus 2: Pick-up at 8 am (OEH>IC)

Bus 1 & 2: Pick-up at 1:45 p.m. (IC>OEH)

Look for the Superstar Motorcoach (chartered by Royal Star Hawaii). Please be waiting near the street in front of the building at least 5 minutes before pick-up time to ensure that you don’t miss the bus.

If you are planning to go to an early morning session or presenting at one, we recommend that you try for the earliest shuttle bus in case there are delays because of traffic. These shuttle routes are one-way and fixed. If you desire to go to the Imin Center or your hotel at a time other than indicated above, you will be on your own for transportation.



From the Honolulu International Airport, UH Mānoa is about a 20-minute drive (non-rush hour traffic). Take H-1 east for approximately 20 minutes. Then take the University Avenue (24B) exit. The exit ramp takes you onto University Avenue, from which you will take your first right at the signal onto Dole Street.

From Waikiki, UH Mānoa is about a 10-minute drive. Turn off of Kuhio Avenue onto Ala Wai Blvd (one-way), which runs along the Ala Wai Canal. Turn right on McCully Street (it will take you over a bridge that spans the Ala Wai Canal). Turn right at the first signal onto Kapiolani Avenue. A few blocks down, turn left at the signal onto University Avenue and keep heading up the street (toward the mountains) until you cross under the H-1 Highway overpass. Turn right at the first signal onto Dole Street.

Then . . .

  • To park in the 5-story parking structure ($4 a day) on lower campus, turn right off of Dole Street at the first traffic light (onto Lower Campus Rd). There is plenty of space in the parking structure, and it serves as a good option. The conference venue is about a 5-10 minute walk from the parking structure.
  • To park next to the Imin Center (aka Jefferson Hall), you will need to obtain a special parking pass ($5 a day) in advance (no later than January 31, 2013). Please contact us for more information. If you have your special parking pass, turn left off of Dole at the third traffic light onto East-West Road. After you pass the entrance kiosk, proceed forward for about a block. Park in the grassy area to the left of the Imin Center. (Do NOT park in front of the Imin Center itself).
  • - Click here for a map and driving directions from the airport



    Route and Schedule Information: (808) 848-5555. Website: http://www.thebus.org

    O‘ahu's bus system, logically dubbed "TheBUS," offers island-wide service. The cost for a one-way fare is $2.50 for adults, $1.25 for elementary and high school students, and $1.00 for seniors; exact change is appreciated. Riders are allowed to transfer to any connecting line as long as it is going in the same general direction. Request a transfer slip from the bus driver when you board the bus.

    A $25 Oahu Discovery Passport (good for 4 consecutive days) can be bought from ABC Stores in Waikiki and the Ala Moana Shopping Center and from the Bus Pass Office. This may be a good option for attendees relying on the bus for transportation during the conference.

    To go between the airport and Waikiki, take either Bus #19 or #20. If you are going from the airport to UH Manoa, transfer from Bus #19 or #20 at Ala Moana Shopping Center to Bus #6 (University bound) or Bus #18 (University bound).

    To go from Waikiki to the UH Mānoa campus, you should take Bus #4 (Westbound toward University and Nuuanu). It starts on Monsarrat Avenue on the other side of the Honolulu Zoo in Kapiolani Park. Ask the concierge or front desk at your hotel for directions to it. Buses typically come every 20 minutes, and it'll take around 20 minutes to get to the university, again depending on traffic. Once you arrive on campus, use the following map to guide you from the bus stop to the Imin Center.

    Click here for bus route timetables.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: People carrying large suitcases or baggage are not allowed on TheBUS. If you have smaller items, you can ride on the bus. Click here for baggage rules for The Bus.