Hawai‘i Language Champions

Leading the way to a multilingual workforce for Hawai’i

Who is a Language Champion?

HLCiconLARGEThe Hawai‘i Language Roadmap Initiative recognizes that achieving the goal of a multilingual workforce for Hawai‘i requires collaboration, innovation, and above all, a lot of hard work.  This column is devoted to recognizing those individuals who, through their use of language skills on the job, or through their enabling others to develop this proficiency for the workplace, are already actively engaged in making these new skills sets a vibrant part of Hawaii’s future workforce.  In championing languages in addition to English as valued workplace skills, these individuals embody the best that a multilingual workforce has to offer: They facilitate access to critical human services, to educational opportunities, and to the pathways of justice; they enhance customer service experiences and broaden marketing and sales opportunities for Hawaii’s businesses; and they energize the revitalization of ōlelo Hawai‘i, sustain the welcoming culture of aloha to visitors and new arrivals alike, and expand our capacity to understand and engage with our neighbors – both local and global –, regardless of the language they speak.  The people of Hawai’i are fortunate to have these visionary leaders, passionate advocates, innovative trainers, and expert practitioners, who not only are making a difference in people’s lives today, but have also made a commitment, through their words and actions, at work or as volunteers, to lead the way for Hawaii’s future multilingual workforce. We invite you to learn more about these individuals, to take inspiration from their stories, and to join them in championing a multilingual workforce for Hawai‘i.

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