Submit a Manuscript

RFL accepts submissions only through the Open Journal Systems web application. Read more about this below.

Please list the names, institutions, e-mail addresses of all authors, and also include a brief biographical statement (maximum 50 words, in sentence format) for each author. (This information will be removed when the articles are distributed for blind review.) Authors must accompany their submission with a statement that the manuscript has not been published elsewhere or is not being considered for publication elsewhere.

Submissions may be submitted in the following formats: (a) Microsoft Word documents and (b) RTF documents. If a different format is required in order to better handle foreign language fonts, please consult with the editors. Please check the Submission Guidelines for additional information.

What is OJS?

Open Journal Systems is a widely used open source web application that is used to manage the editorial process for journal publishers and staff. Authors access the application to submit their manuscripts for review. RFL editors and reviewers use the application to access author submissions and to request and submit reviews of submitted manuscripts. The application helps the editorial team keep track of documents as the review process progresses. OJS is used by the NFLRC for all of its journal publications.

Why did RFL transition to OJS?

RFL adopted OJS to streamline the editorial management process and to make it easier to track the progress of submissions. Another benefit is the added historical preservation of the journal’s internal operation. This helps to quickly orient new editorial team members to the operation of the journal. 

How does OJS work?

The OJS application has a unique website dedicated to RFL ( OJS works like a pipeline for the different activities and tasks that are related to editorial management. 

NOTE: All users (authors, editors, and reviewers) must register for a user account. Users can also be invited. 

Here is a typical sequence:

  1. Authors login and submit their manuscript to the journal by uploading their manuscript to the application.
  2. Journal Managers are notified by the system and proceed to assign the manuscript to one or more editors. Editors are notified of this assignment.
  3. Editors invite reviewers that are already registered users in the application or they can invite new reviewers to consider the submitted manuscript. Reviewers receive invitations by email.
  4. Those reviewers who have agreed to review a manuscript submit their reviews to the application. Editors are notified of these review submissions.
  5. When all reviews are complete, the Editors determine the article’s status.
  6. If accepted, the article is sent out for copy editing and final proofs.
  7. The article is published in the journal.

How can authors set up an account?

Authors can register for an account here ( Users who are in China may experience difficulties with Google’s ReCaptcha restriction. In these cases, please contact to ask a journal manager to create your account on your behalf.

How do authors submit a manuscript via OJS?

Login at After logging in, authors can select the “Make a Submission” button to initiate the uploading of the manuscript and to add the appropriate metadata for the submission. The submission guidelines should be followed.



Are you a Reviewer? The RFL editorial team will contact you with specific instructions on how to access manuscripts and submit reviews.


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