Intensive Summer Institutes

Intensive Summer Institutes

NFLRC has carried out summer institutes since 1991, providing training and professional development for K-16 language educators on content areas of national need and topics related to NFLRC projects. They have earned a solid reputation for providing excellent training in teaching methodologies, testing, materials development, and technology-enhanced FL education.

Each summer institute in the current grant cycle (2014-18) is preceded by an online institute whose main purpose is to make potential summer institute participants acquainted with the PBLL model proposed by the NFLRC. Participants who successfully complete the online PBLL institute receive a certifying badge. Obtaining such badge is required to enroll in the subsequent intensive summer institute in Hawai‘i. 

Summer 2015

Project-Based Language Learning (PBLL) in Action. This theme addresses the connection between language learning and the exploration of L2 content in specific domains of knowledge. Participants will design PBLL components for language courses.


Summer 2016

PBLL & Intercuturality. This theme centers around best practices for intercultural telecollaboration modeled on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Cultura project as a means for establishing the connection with the community of language use beyond the classroom, an essential feature of PBLL.


Summer 2017

PBLL & Pathways to PBLLThis ISI buils on the resources and products created in the previous 2 ISIs to offer pre- and in-service teachers the necessary tools to orchestrate rich, experiential language learning opportunities that draw on a diverse array of disciplines and career pathways.


Summer 2018

Preparing Teachers and Faculty to Implement PBLL. This ISI builds on the resources and products created in the previous 3 ISIs to offer pre- and in-service teacher and faculty developers the necessary tools to prepare instructors to implement PBLL.

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