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Imagine you are at a job interview and you just mentioned that an important part of your teaching philosophy is to give students more control over their learning. The employer asks how you actually do that in a classroom situation, and you open your briefcase and pull out an activity that illustrates exactly how you do it. That would make a positive impression on just about any employer.

If you have any original or adapted activities, lessons, modules, or projects that have worked well in class, why not write them up and include them as part of your portfolio? Take a good look at the activities to see if, or how, they reflect your philosophy of teaching.

And since you’ve made the effort to write it all out, why not take the extra step of trying to get it published? Quite a number of language teaching journals are perpetually looking for good ideas to include in their pages. Why not yours? It would be yet another item to add to your CV to make it all that much more impressive to a perspective employer.


TiPPS Handouts on Materials Development and Adaptation

Writing Up Your Activity – Steps and Samples (PDF file)


Books and websites on materials development for language teaching

Grant, Neville (1987). Making the most of your textbook. London: Longman.

Tomlinson, Brian (Ed.) (1998). Materials development in language teaching. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Writing Language Teaching Materials

Getting Published Online:  A Guide for Language Teachers


Links to journals that accept materials submissions

Below are just a few online journals and resources that accept submissions of language-teaching materials. You may want to search for others in the language you teach or within your language teaching organization (and please let us know if you find any that should be added to these resources).

Keep in mind that every publication will have its own guidelines for submission and its own format for activities. For instance, some will ask for a longer narrative, others a shorter one, and some may prefer no narrative at all.

TESOL Resource Center

TESOL Connection

The Language Teacher



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