If you are interested in TiPPS, please be sure to read the following for more information (including registration procedures) . . .


  • Before each session, there will be a PREPARATORY ASSIGNMENT given. This could entail, for example, reading an article about teacher portfolios, working on your statement of teaching philosophy, your CV, or a cover letter, doing a job search, etc. WE EXPECT PARTICIPANTS TO COME PREPARED TO EACH SESSION; EACH PREPARATORY ASSIGNMENT IS LIKELY TO TAKE A COUPLE OF HOURS TO DO.
  • Workshops may involve small/large group discussions, peer feedback, or role-playing.
  • Preparing a teacher portfolio and developing various job-getting skills takes time and can’t be learned in just one sitting. We hope this workshop series will serve as a starting point for some, a continuing point for others, and a guide for developing your portfolio and job skills further.


Upon completion of the workshop, participants who submit the following 4 portfolio items by the end of the semester will receive the NFLRC TiPPS Badge:

  1. Philosophy of Teaching Statement (revised & finalized)
  2. Tailored CV (revised & finalized)
  3. Tailored Cover Letter (revised & finalized)
  4. Activity write-up (revised & finalized)

Each item should receive feedback from two people (either fellow participants or facilitators) prior to revision/finalizing. Portfolio items may be submitted either via hard copy or electronically via email.

Also IF given permission by the participant, we may use certain items as samples during future TiPPS sessions (with all names and contact information removed prior).


  • This series is open to graduate assistants and graduate students in all UH Manoa language and literature departments. (It is recommended that those who apply have at least some teaching experience under their belt.)
  • Registration is free but limited to 12 participants. Potential registrants for a given semester should BE CERTAIN that they will be able to participate in ALL 7 SESSIONS (which build on each other).



Queries about TiPPS? Need more information? Suggestions?
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