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    Language Resource Centers

    In response to the growing national need for expertise and competence in foreign languages, the U.S. Department of Education established the first Language Resource Centers (LRCs) at US universities in 1990. The Hawai‘i NFLRC was among the first three LRCs funded.

    More than a quarter of a century has passed since then and there are now sixteen LRCs, supported by grants under Title VI of the Higher Education Act, creating a national network of resources to promote the teaching and learning of foreign languages. Led by nationally and internationally recognized language professionals, the LRCs create language learning and teaching materials, offer professional development opportunities for teachers and instructors, and conduct research on foreign language learning.

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    While some centers concentrate on specific language areas and others on foreign languages in general, all share the common goal to develop resources that can be used broadly to improve foreign language education in the United States. View/download the LRC brochure providing a general overview of the sixteen nationwide centers or visit the common LRC website to find out more.