Dorothy M. Chun

    Dorothy M. Chun is Professor Emerita of Applied Linguistics and Education at the University of California, Santa Barbara and since 2000 the Co-Editor-in-Chief of Language Learning & Technology. Throughout her career, her passion has been researching and exploring how second languages are learned and how technology can be leveraged to enhance the learning of language and culture. Her research areas include L2 phonology and intonation, L2 reading and vocabulary acquisition, computer-assisted language learning (CALL), telecollaboration for intercultural learning, and immersive virtual reality for development of L1 and L2 multiliteracies. She has conducted studies on cognitive processes in learning with multimedia, on whether using visualizations of pitch curves can help L2 speakers of non-tonal languages learn tonal languages and intonation, and on discourse analyses of online intercultural exchanges. In addition to authoring courseware for language and culture acquisition, including apps for Chinese tone pronunciation, she has collaborated on using augmented reality for L2 vocabulary learning and on a virtual reality game for L1 and L2 literacy development.