2018 Fundamentals of PBLL Online Institute – Start page

    • 2018
    • Project Lead(s): Julio C Rodriguez

    Almost there! A few things to do before we start:

     Note: Only registered participants have access to the Online Module. To register, visit our Fundamentals of PBLL webpage.



    If you have already registered a Gmail account with us (including institutional Gmail accounts), please proceed to Step 2. You will need to be logged into your Gmail account for entry into the Online Module.

    If you do not have a Gmail account, please click on the orange button and sign up for a free account. Please send us an email to nflrc@hawaii.edu informing us of the new Gmail address. Once we have registered you into the system, you can gain entry via Step 2.




    Access to the Online Module for registered participants only.

    Available starting January 31, 2018 (through December 31, 2018).