Conversation Analysis Seminar: L2 Learning as Discursive Practice (2006)

    Conversation Analysis (CA) is increasingly adopted to examine second language interactions as sites for and evidence of L2 learning as a discursive practice. The purpose of the seminar is to further advance this ongoing effort.

    Topics will include:

    • Interactional competence as resource and under construction
    • Interaction & cognition
    • Interaction & grammar
    • Interaction & learning
    • Membership categorization & social identity

    The seminar does NOT offer an introduction to CA. Rather, it addresses itself to researchers with a background in CA whose work focuses on, or includes, CA as an approach to L2 learning. We hope to welcome veteran CA analysts as well as graduate students with relevant training.

    Selected participants are encouraged to contribute data to data sessions and give informal presentations on their work-in-progress on a seminar topic. We plan to publish an edited collection of reports from the seminar as a volume in the new NFLRC series Pragmatics & Interaction.