2015 Fundamentals of PBLL (Option 1)

    • Project Lead(s): Julio Rodriguez

    Almost there! A few things to do before we start:


    Please get one if you don’t have one already (an institutional Google account will work)



    Make a copy of the Project Blueprint Google Document. Need help with this?



    Why do I need this?

    This is a way to connect you with peer participants. You will share your Project Blueprint with them to get feedback. Getting feedback from at least one person is a requirement to receive a badge. To join a group, click the button on the left and then:

    1. Choose a spot (group) with less than 5 participants.
    2. Click on Sign up! and enter your Gmail address. You will NOT need to register an account or keep a password on VolunteerSpot.
    3. In the comments box in your group, paste the link to your Project Blueprint. Need help with this?

    Only for facilitated session participants: Click on the button to check whether your system has an acceptable media player to use during the live webinar.