Summer Institutes for Professional Development (1999-2002)

    The University of Hawaiʻi has been offering summer institutes for professional development since 1991. These institutes have earned a solid reputation and have reached hundreds of foreign language educators directly, and thousands indirectly, providing training in teaching methodologies, testing, materials development, and technology-based foreign language education. Two types of institutes have been offered, those directed at teachers of specific languages or the languages of particular world regions and those directed at teachers of all LCTLs. Past successes at University of Hawaiʻi’s Summer Institutes have shown that the experiences of participants representing a variety of languages are enriched when participants have the opportunity to interact with and learn from others.

    During this three year grant cycle, the NFLRC will again offer both types of institutes, those targeting specific languages or groups of languages and those offered to participants representing all LCTLs. These institutes will be directed by Richard Schmidt, NFLRC Director, in 2000 and by David Hiple, Associate Director, in 2001 and 2002. Each institute and workshop will be staffed by teams of local, national, and international experts. Each has been designed to respond to national needs and to disseminate results from the projects described above to the educational community.

    Summer 2000

    Summer 2001

    Summer 2002