HANGUL-RO BOJA! Authentic Korean reading & video

    Hyeri Joo, Sue-ah Kim Yuen, & David Hiple, with Miho Choo & Young-mi Yu Cho

    Fifteen reading lessons from a variety of sources, including:

    • notes found on the family refrigerator
    • traditional folk tales, modern poetry
    • Web journal articles about politics, technology, and popular culture

    Ten interactive video lessons from a variety of sources, including:

    • TV commercials and scenes from a soap opera
    • news reports on politics, sports, and more
    • scenes from the Korean film Our Twisted Hero

    KÀN NA! and HANGUL-RO BOJA! are multimedia lessons that guide the user step by step through a five-stage series of activities designed to approximate the strategies used by native speakers to comprehend text and video. The stages are:

    • pre- activities: the user is invited to predict and make guesses about the material, and to activate background knowledge
    • global activities: the user identifies sections of the material and the topics that belong to them
    • specific information activities: the user gets detailed information about individual topics
    • linguistic activities: the user works with vocabulary and linguistic structures that have enabled comprehension
    • post- activities: the user integrates new language into a productive activity