Practical assessment tools for college Japanese

    Kimi Kondo-Brown, James Dean Brown, & Waka Tominaga (Eds.)

    Kondo-Brown, Kimi (Ed.), Brown, James Dean (Ed.), & Tominaga, Waka (Ed.). (2013). Practical Assessment Tools for College Japanese. Honolulu, HI: National Foreign Language Resource Center, University of Hawai'i at Mānoa.

    Practical Assessment Tools for College Japanese collects 21 peer-reviewed assessment modules that were developed by teachers of Japanese who participated in the Assessments for Japanese Language Instruction Summer Institute at University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa in summer 2012. Each module presents a practical assessment idea that can be adopted or adapted for the reader’s own formative or summative assessment of their Japanese language learners. For ease of use, each module is organized in approximately the same way including background information, aims, levels, assessment times, resources, procedures, caveats and options, references, and other appended information.


    About the Editors

    Assessing Speaking Skills

    1 Developing a Student-Centered Oral Test for a Beginning-Level Japanese Course
    Waka Tominaga
    2 Oral Performance Test as a Formative Assessment in an Intermediate-Level College Japanese Language Course
    Yasuko Takata Rallings
    3 Oral Performance Development Tool
    Noriko Taira Yasohama
    4 An Oral Test Idea Incorporating Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
    Shioko Yonezawa4
    5 Japanese Language Oral Proficiency Placement Examination
    Sanako Mitsugi

    Assessing Writing Skills

    6 Assessing Written Skills in Research Paper Projects
    Priya Ananth
    7 Assessment for Students’ Writing Skills in First-Year Japanese Courses
    Michiko T. Croft
    8 Rubric Development for Japanese Writing: Linking Cut-off Scores to an Analytic Rubric
    Rika Kinoshita
    9 ePortfolio for a Program Assessment
    Rika Ito
    10 A Scoring Method for Composition Tests: Second-Semester Intermediate Japanese
    Mari Stever

    Assessing Reading and Transition Skills

    11 A Unit Test for Reading, Writing, and Cultural Analysis at the Advanced Level
    Yasufumi Iwasaki
    12 Teaching Translation at a College-Level Japanese Language Program: Raising Student Awareness on Translation Evaluation
    Yumiko Tateyama
    13 Standards-Based Final Examination for an Intermediate-Level College Japanese Language Course
    Satomi Saito

    Assessing Projects and Cross-Culture Knowledge

    14 Promoting Negotiation through Assessment Tools: Self and Peer- Evaluation in “Relay Method Project”
    Yuka Akiyama
    15 Scoring Rubrics for a Comic Life Project in a Beginning-Level College Japanese Language Course
    Masako Inamoto
    16 Incorporating Self-Assessment Sheets into Intermediate Japanese Four- Skill Projects
    Naoko Nemoto
    17 Japanese Cultural Perspective Test
    Koji Tanno

    Assessment for Promoting Learning Skills and Learner Autonomy

    18 Assessment for Service-Learning in Japanese
    Mayumi Hirata
    19 Assessment of Learner Autonomy through a Cyberspace Project
    Hideko Shimizu
    20 “Can-do” Style Self-Assessment for a Beginning-Level College Japanese Course
    Tomonori Nagano
    21 Charting Self-Assessment on their Educational Journey for Beginning Japanese Students
    Lisa Kobuke