Tim Murphey tips (YouTube playlist)

    Murphey, T.

    Dr. Tim Murphey of Kanda University in Japan offers inventive ways to teach any language at all levels from young children through university using near peer role modeling (NPRM), song and music, group dynamics, empathy, agency, imagination, and even juggling! Dr. Murphey’s information is invaluable and his enthusiasm infectious.

    To view any of his many talks on a variety of topics, visit our Tim Murphey Tips playlist on our YouTube Channel

    To download full length versions of any of Tim Murphey’s videos free, visit the following pages and click on the View button:

    Singing Our Way to Well-Becoming (2016)
    Ideal Classmates and Reciprocal Idealizing (2013)
    Present Communities of Imagination (PCOIz) (2012)
    Inviting altruistic agency among students (2011)
    Agency and student voice (2010)
    Young learner development with co-learning adults (2010)
    Hoping and language learning (2009)
    Juggling with language learning theories (2005)
    Song and music in language learning (2005)
    Group dynamics in the language classroom (2003)
    NPRM: Near Peer Role Modeling (2003) 
    Shadowing and summarizing (2000)
    LSEV: Learner self-evaluated videos (1996)