Online Chinese Teaching and Learning in 2020 book cover

    Online Chinese Teaching and Learning in 2020 – 2020中文线上教学

    Liu, Shijuan (Ed.)

    This edited monograph includes 21 papers written by 41 contributors from 9 countries on four continents, sharing their teaching practices, strategies, reflections, and/or findings from their research on online Chinese teaching and learning in 2020. Its introductory chapter authored by the editor, Dr. Shijuan Liu (刘士娟), provides a comprehensive overview of the history of online Chinese teaching and learning and thoughtful analysis of associated terms (e.g., distance education), in addition to summarization of the 21 wonderful papers in this volume. Readers can also gain a solid understanding of many Chinese language programs mentioned in the monograph, as well as the general situation of Chinese language education, and measures taken in responses to the COVID-19 pandemic in several countries, including India and South Africa. This monograph offers practical implications and historic references to the field of Chinese language education and online teaching and learning globally. It serves as a timely and significant addition to the published book edited by the same scholar, Teaching the Chinese Language Remotely: Global Cases and Perspectives, which includes 15 chapters in English from 21 authors in 10 countries on five continents.


    1 2020年线上中文教学简介
    (An Introduction to Online Chinese Teaching and Learning in 2020)
    刘士娟 (Liu, Shijuan)
     United States (美国)
    (Chinese Flagship Intensive Program at URI in 2020: Building an Online Student-Centered Summer Intensive Program)
    何文潮 (He, Wayne Wenchao) ,  梁宁辉 (Liang, Ninghui) , 杨清钰 (Yang, Qingyu) , 蔡江坪 (Cai, Jiangping) ,王薇 (Wang, Wei) ,张一平 (Zhang, Yiping)  
    32020 疫情下的明德中文暑校:线上模式的设计、实践和反思
    (2020 Middlebury Chinese School in the Time of Covid-19: Curriculum Innovations, Implementation, and Reflection)
    张曼荪 (Chang, Cecilia) , 陈彤 (Chen, Tong) ,高畔畔 (Gao, Panpan) , 周康  (Zhou, Kang) , 高瑛  (Gao, Ying) , 何小蔓 (Harris, Mairead)
    4学习社群的建立: 线上教学的成功要素——以印大中文项目为例
    (Building Learning Communities in Online Language Instruction: A Case of Indiana University’s Chinese Language Program)
    鲍莹玲 (Bao, Yingling) , 陈雅芬 (Chen, Yea-Fen)  
    (Online Chinese Teaching in 2020: A Reflection from Brown University)
    陈文慧 (Chen, Wenhui)
    (Planning and Designing Authentic and Interactive Activities in Online Chinese Classes)
    杨君 (Yang, Jun)
    7新冠疫情影响下中文课教学策略调整及其效果分析: 以南犹他高中中文项目为例
    (Impacts of COVID-19 on Chinese Language Teaching Strategies and Student Learning in a High School of Southern Utah: An Analysis)
    黄梅 (Huang, Mei) 
    (Curriculum Design in a Community Chinese School: Principles, Practice, Remote Instruction and Reflection During the Pandemic)
    郝雪飞 (Hao, Xuefei)
    9三种沟通模式下的课程设计理论与实践: 以线上K-12教学为例
    (Theories and Practice of Course Design based on Three Modes of Communication: Case of Teaching K-12 Students Online)
    李岩(Li, Yan) , 李佳行(Li, Jiahang)
     Europe (欧洲)
    (Google-assisted Language Learning: An Online Chinese Course for Advanced Learners in Germany)
    林钦惠 (Lin, Chin-hui)
    (Rethinking Online Chinese Teaching: A Reflection from France)
    郭晶 (Guo, Jing)
     Africa (非洲)
    (Current Situation of Chinese Education and Online Teaching Under the Pandemic in South Africa)
    任少泽 (Ren, Shaoze),马跃 (Ma, Yue)
     Asia (亚洲)
    (Affective Strategies in Online Teaching and Learning: Practice and Reflection of Teaching Chinese Reading and Writing Courses in China University of Political Science and Law)
    宋春香 (Song,Chunxiang)
    14在线翻转课堂+CANVAS平台教学模式的尝试与反思: 以北京大学一门高级汉语课为例
    (Fully Online Flipped Classroom +Canvas: Reflection on Teaching an Advance Chinese Language Course at Peking University)
    刘晓南(Liu, Xiaonan)
    (Teaching a Comprehensive Chinese Course Online in China: Practice and Reflection)
    刘波 (Liu, Bo) , 鲍蕊  (Bao, Rui)
    (Teaching an Advanced Chinese Online for CET: Practice and Reflection)
    张恒煜 (Zhang, Hengyu)
    (Remote Teaching and Learning in Taiwan During the Pandemic in 2020)
    洪嘉馡 (Hong, Jia-Fei) , 陈昭珍 (Chen, Chao-Chen) , 刘美慧 (Liu, Mei-Hui),宋曜廷 (Sung, Yao-Ting)
    (Teaching Chinese Pinyin Online in Mongolia During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Reflection)
    宋盼 (Song, Pan)
    (Research on the Current Situation of Teaching Chinese Language in Thailand During the Covid-19 Pandemic and Coping Strategies: A Case Study Conducted in the School of Sinology at Mae Fah Luang University)
    吴平 (Thiragun, Arphon) , 周睿 (Zhou, Rui)
    (Chinese Teaching and Learning in India During the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Introduction and A Reflection)
    班纳吉, 阿维杰特(Banerjee, Avijit)
    21日本大学教育资源与应急远程教学: 八份师生问卷调查报告分析
    (Educational Resources and Emergency Distance Teaching in Japanese Universities: Findings from the Eight Surveys of Teachers and Students)
    砂冈和子 (Sunaoka, Kazuko)
    22Teaching Online Chinese Pronunciation with Pronunciation Training Software: An Empirical Study
    Watanabe, Yukiko (渡邉ゆきこ), Omae, Tomomi (大前智美), Odo, Satoru (小渡悟)
    (Notes on Contributors)

    Praise from scholars worldwide

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    “This book is a most welcome initiative to respond to the new challenging teaching context caused by the pandemic. It makes a significant and timely contribution to the field of Chinese language teaching and learning. …For those of us involved in Chinese language teaching in the new context, this is an excellent book to have at hand.”

    ——Dr. CAI, Wei 蔡薇, University of Calgary, Canada

    “This monograph…is an important step to enhance communication and exchange among colleagues around the globe. …it will be of great use to all teachers eager to integrate technology more effectively into their teaching, including graduate students who are just starting out and have received little training in online teaching.”

    —–Dr. CASAS-TOST, Helena艾丽娜 , Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain


    —— Professor LIANG, Xia 梁霞, Washington University in St. Louis, USA

    “This is an impressive monograph on online Chinese Language teaching and learning in 2020. … It surely will have a significant impact on more teachers and the future development of teaching Chinese language. I recommend this book to all teachers who would like to expand their knowledge in the use of technology for teaching Chinese, or any other foreign languages.”

    —–Dr. SHI, Lijing 施黎静, The London School of Economics and Political Science, UK.

    “…The book, contributed mostly by practicing teachers, would be an invaluable and timely read for practitioners who are searching for effective online teaching strategies, and for educational researchers who would like to get a glimpse of the Chinese language programs in various parts of the world.”

    —–Dr. TANG, Jinlan 唐锦兰, Beijing Foreign Studies University, China

    “This is a must-read for all educators if you want to know how education will proceed under the pandemic. … The content ranges from pragmatic and specific curriculum teaching, activity design to also reflections and precipitations on teaching in terms of ideas…”

    —–Dr. TSE, Ka Ho 謝家浩, The Education University of Hong Kong


    ——– Dr. WANG-SZILAS, Jue王珏, National Institute for Oriental Languages and Civilizations, France  & University of Geneva, Switzerland

    “…I applaud Dr. Shijuan Liu’s pioneering organization, gathering Chinese online education experts from four continents and covering all aspects of Chinese online teaching under the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic. I believe that this work will establish some models and examples of Chinese teaching and applications of computer and internet technology in second language acquisition, and will give readers unlimited inspiration and space for innovation. ” “…相信此作将对中文教学与科技网络在二语习得的教学应用上,树立一些楷模与规范,并能给予读者无限的启发与创新空间。”

    Dr. WU, Sue-mei 吴素美, Carnegie Mellon University, USA


    —– Dr. ZHENG, Yanqun郑艳群,北京语言大学