Research methods in interlanguage pragmatics

    Kasper, Gabriele & Dahl, Merete

    Kasper, G., & Dahl, M. (1992). Research methods in interlanguage pragmatics. Honolulu Hawaii: University of Hawaii Press, Second language teaching & curriculum center, , University of Hawaiʼi at Mānoa.

    This technical report reviews the methods of data collection employed in 39 studies of interlanguage pragmatics, defined narrowly as the investigation of nonnative speakers’ comprehension and production of speech acts, and the acquisition of L2-related speech act knowledge. Data collection instruments are distinguished according to the degree to which they constrain informants’ responses, and whether they tap speech act perception/comprehension or production. A main focus of discussion is the validity of different types of data, in particular their adequacy to approximate authentic performance of linguistic action.

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