NPRM – Near Peer Role Modeling

    Murphey, Tim

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    “Near peer role models” are people near to us in possibly several ways, such as age, ethnicity, gender, interests, and so forth. Psychologists tell us that we generally find it easier to adopt behaviors from people we see as similar to ourselves – advertisers use this idea to great advantage. The video demonstrates ways in which teachers might use near peer role models, students in their own classes, to motivate and inspire other students, to offer them more alternative strategies and beliefs, and to allow them to learn more quickly and deeply. Murphey presents structures that allow teachers to highlight selected students behaviors so that they have a greater influence on the group dynamic. Much of his data are taken from his 12 years of experience teaching in Asia. For more information read “Reported Belief Changes through Near Peer Role Modelings” in the December 2001 TESL-EJ.