2017 Fundamentals of PBLL: Badge Criteria

    • 2017
    • Project Lead(s): Julio C Rodriguez

    Fundamentals of Project-Based Language Learning is an introductory online institute for world language instructors, world language curriculum directors, and professional development specialists. Participants who complete the online institute gain basic familiarity with theoretical and practical aspects of designing projects for the context of world language teaching and learning. The online institute progresses through five modules.

    Participants who receive a badge have completed a Project Blueprint that specifies basic aspects of project design and have interacted with colleagues in activities or discussions on this topic. Participation in the institute and completion of the Project Blueprint provide evidence that the badge recipient:

    • learned about fundamental aspects of Project-Based Language Learning (PBLL) and some of the commonalities and differences between PBL and PBLL;
    • developed a world language project for a specific context and described it in a Project Blueprint document;
    • designed sample standards-based tasks that target specific areas of language learning and 21st Century Skills;
    • described an articulated sequence of project tasks and corresponding assessment;
    • participated in a collegial discussion on topics related to language learning project planning, design and implementation by posting responses to prompts related to PBLL in the majority (at least 8) of the “Get Involved” sections;
    • provided feedback to two colleagues on their Project Blueprints.





    From PBL to PBLL

    Lesson 1

    Gold Standard Project Design Elements

    Lesson 2

    From PBL to PBLL: What Teachers Need to Know to Adapt Gold Standard PBL to the Language Education Context

    Lesson 3

    Starting with the End in Mind:  Defining Student Learning Outcomes 


    Designing Engaging Projects

    Lesson 4

    Evaluating Your Project Idea & Engaging Students in Project Development: The Product Square

    Lesson 5

    Engaging Students with Career Pathways Through Sustained Inquiry

    Lesson 6

    Project Showcase: Informing Social Movements by Connecting Learners’ Sustained Inquiry with Their Knowledge and Experience



    Pathways to the Professional World Through PBLL

    Lesson 7

    Working in a Professional Environment: Developing Interculturality Through PBLL

    Lesson 8

    Using Career Pathways to Develop Authentic Learning Tasks for PBLL

    Lesson 9

    Scaffolding Project Management & Logistics



    Scaffolding the Learning Experience

    Lesson 10

    Scaffolding Sustained Inquiry in the Interpretive Mode

    Lesson 11

    Scaffolding Collaboration in the Interpersonal Mode

    Lesson 12

    Scaffolding Product Creation in the Presentational Mode



    Assessing Learning & Project Impact

    Lesson 13

    Formative Assessment in PBLL

    Lesson 14

    Evaluating Project Design

    Lesson 15

    Finalizing Your Project Blueprint