2017 Fundamentals of Project-Based Language Learning (PBLL) Online Institute

    • 2017: Jan 25 | Feb 1 | Feb 8 | Feb 15 | Feb 22
    • Project Lead(s): Julio C Rodriguez
    • Facilitator(s):

      Cherice Montgomery, Cindy Kendall, Stephen Tschudi, Ruslan Suvorov, Hui-Ya Chuang, Jim Yoshioka

    Embark on a journey of discovery in which you will learn more about the elements of high quality, rigorous Project-Based Language Learning (PBLL).  During this year’s online institute, you’ll explore PBLL’s connections with experiential learning, career pathways, 21st Century Skills, performance-based assessment, and your own instructional context. You will also connect with colleagues who have a common interest in quality PBLL implementation as experts in the field guide you through the creation of a project blueprint.  

    Complete Option 1 as part of a facilitated cohort or Option 2 via self-paced study.  Registration for this online institute is $25.  Successfully complete all assigned tasks to earn an NFLRC digital badge, which qualifies you to apply for the NFLRC PBLL Intensive Summer Institute offered each year in Honolulu.

    Registration opened on November 15, 2016 and closed on May 31, 2017. We are no longer accepting registrations.


    Option 1 (facilitated – limited enrollment)




    Session dates

    Jan 25 | Feb 1 | Feb 8 | Feb 15 | Feb 22

    Session times (Five 90-minute live webinars)

    12pm Hawai‘i | 2pm PST | 3pm MST | 4pm CST | 5pm EST


    Cost: $25 (non-refundable) – grants access to webinar and to the PBLL online module through December 31, 2017

    Registration deadline (January 20, 2017) for Option 1 has already passed



    1. If you are planning to apply for the 2017 Pathways to Project-Based Language Learning (PBLL) Intensive Summer Institute, you will need to complete all online institute requirements, including the Project Blueprint, by March 31 (to earn your qualifying badge in time), so plan accordingly.
    2. If you are not planning to apply for the 2017 Pathways to Project-Based Language Learning (PBLL)  Intensive Summer Institute, you have until July 31, 2017 to complete all online institute requirements including the Project Blueprint to earn your digital badge.


    Option 2 (self-paced)



    First Module (five in all) opens February 1, 2017


    Cost: $25 (access to the PBLL online module through December 31, 2017)

    The registration deadline (May 31, 2017) for Option 2 has passed.





    Tech requirements

    In order to participate in the online institute, you will need the following:

    • Computer with web browser and internet connection

    • A Gmail account (or a university/school/organization-affiliated Gmail account) [If you do not have a Gmail account, you can sign up for one for free – https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/27441]



    Module 1: From PBL to PBLL

    Lesson 0: Introduction to the Online PBLL Institute (Stephen Tschudi, NFLRC)
    Lesson 1: Gold Standard Project Design Elements (John Larmer, Buck Institute for Education)
    Lesson 2: From PBL to PBLL: What Teachers Need to Know to Adapt Gold Standard PBL to the Language Education Context (Cherice Montgomery, Brigham Young University)
    Lesson 3: Starting with the End in Mind:  Defining Student Learning Outcomes (Yao Hill, University of Hawai‘i at Manoa)

    Module 2: Designing Engaging Projects

    Lesson 4: Evaluating Your Project Idea & Engaging Students in Project Development: The Product Square (Lauren Scheller, FL Educators of New Jersey)
    Lesson 5: Engaging Students with Career Pathways Through Sustained Inquiry (Cindy Kendall)
    Lesson 6: Project Showcase: Project Showcase: Informing Social Movements by Connecting Learners’ Sustained Inquiry with Their Knowledge and Experience (Naoko Nemoto, Mt. Holyoke College & Stephen Tschudi, NFLRC)

    Module 3: Pathways to the Professional World Through PBLL

    Lesson 7: Working in a Professional Environment: Developing Interculturality Through PBLL (Stephen Tschudi, NFLRC)
    Lesson 8: Using Career Pathways to Develop Authentic Learning Tasks for PBLL (Cindy Kendall)
    Lesson 9: Scaffolding Project Management & Logistics (Cherice Montgomery, Brigham Young University)

    Module 4: Scaffolding the Learning Experience

    Lesson 10: Scaffolding Sustained Inquiry in the Interpretive Mode (Cherice Montgomery, Brigham Young University)
    Lesson 11: Scaffolding Collaboration in the Interpersonal Mode (Cherice Montgomery, Brigham Young University)
    Lesson 12: Scaffolding Product Creation in the Presentational Mode (Cherice Montgomery, Brigham Young University)

    Module 5: Assessing Learning & Project Impact

    Lesson 13: Formative Assessment in PBLL (Stephen Tschudi, NFLRC; Sally Garneski, The Evergreen School; & Stacy Amling, Des Moines Area Community College)
    Lesson 14: Evaluating Project Design (Ruslan Suvorov, NFLRC)
    Lesson 15: Finalizing Your Project Blueprint (Hui-Ya Chuang, NFLRC)



    Option 1:

    • Five 90-minute synchronous sessions (7.5 hours)

    • Fifteen lessons total (three lessons per each session) in the online module. The activities for each lesson include:

      • A core reading

      • A short quiz

      • A forum discussion

    • One peer-reviewed Project Blueprint

    The estimated average time for completing each lesson is 1 hour (combining synchronous session time and asynchronous reading, discussion, and quiz time) and for completing the Project Blueprint, 10 hours.


    Option 2:

    • Fifteen lessons total (three lessons per each session). The structure of each lesson:

      • A 20-minute video lecture (archival video from the live webinar)

      • A core reading

      • A short quiz

      • A forum discussion

    • One peer-reviewed Project Blueprint

    The estimated average time for completing each lesson in the self-paced option is 1 hour (including viewing archival video and completing reading, discussion, and quiz) and for completing the Project Blueprint, 10 hours.



    All materials and resources for the online institute are included in the online module.



    Will I get a certificate after completing this institute?

    You will earn a digital badge granted by the National Foreign Language Resource Center that specifies the following: (a) the description of the institute goals and objectives, (b) the activities you participated in, and (c) evidence of your performance (a link to your Project Blueprint). Badge criteria



    Will I receive university credit?

    At this time, university credit is not available for this institute. However, if you complete the institute and submit your Project Blueprint, you will receive an NFLRC Digital Badge that acknowledges your work.


    What resources will I need for this institute?

    The NFLRC provides all the materials you will need.


    I’m taking the facilitated version. What if I miss a webinar?

    You will need to learn the missing material on your own time afterwards. Please be advised that video materials and online institute activities will not be available until approximately one week after a the date of the corresponding webinar session, and you will not be able to interact and ask questions as you would during the live facilitated session.

    If you think you will have to miss more than half of the live Facilitated sessions, we ask you to change from Option 1 (Facilitated) to Option 2 (Self-Study) to make room for those who can participate in Option 1 (Facilitated) fully. If you need to change options, please contact us at nflrc@hawaii.edu.


    Why is there a registration fee? If I don’t use the PBLL online module, can I get a refund?

    In order to pay for expenses related to our ongoing offerings of the Fundamentals of PBLL Online Institute, we have decided to start charging registration fees, starting from the 2016 Fundamentals of PBLL Online Institute.

    It is the registrant’s responsibility to check their schedule and workload to determine whether they will have sufficient time to complete all 15 lessons and their Project Blueprint before the deadline. Once a person has registered and access to the PBLL online module has been granted, no refunds will be given.


    Whom should I contact if I have any questions about the Online Institute?

    Please send all your inquiries to nflrc@hawaii.edu.