2019 NFLRC Webinars: Harnessing High-Leverage Teaching Practices (HLTPs) in Project-Based Language Learning (PBLL)

June 5 & 12, 2019

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In our two-part NFLRC Webinars titled Harnessing HLTPs in PBLL, we will explore the question “What HLTP concepts would help me design, develop, and implement PBLL experiences more effectively?”

In order to get maximum benefit from the two webinars, we recommend that you 1) familiarize yourself with the six High-Leverage Teaching Practices (HLTPs) beforehand and 2) have experience with Project-Based Language Learning (PBLL). This, however, is not a requirement, and any participant with interest in both is welcome to attend.

NOTE: These webinars were recorded. See links below.


Tech requirements

Both webinars will be administered via Zoom.us. You will need a computer with web browser (or the Zoom app) and an internet connection to participate.

Once you register, the Zoom webinar link and instructions will be sent to you in your confirmation email message.




Registration deadline (June 4, 2019) has passed.


Webinar dates (two-part)

Webinar 1: Wednesday, June 5 (PBLL & HLTPs #1-3)

Host: Nicole Naditz

Guests: Adam Ross & Rachel Mamiya Hernandez

Webinar 1 video


Webinar 2: Wednesday, June 12 (PBLL & HLTPs #4-6)

Host: Nicole Naditz

Guests: Megan Ferry & Laura Sexton

Webinar 2 video


Session times (two 90-minute live webinars)

2pm Hawai‘i | 5pm PST | 6pm MST | 7pm CST | 8pm EST




Questions? Contact us at nflrc@hawaii.edu




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