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    2021 Online Language Pedagogy Series: “Supporting Students in Online Language Learning: Voices of Experience”

    • Late spring 2021
    • Project Lead(s): Stephen Tschudi & Naiyi Fincham
    • Facilitator(s):

      Ellen Hart (Project Advisor), Sarah Boutin (Facilitator)


    Developed for in-service online language teachers against the background of emergency online instruction during the year of  COVID-19, this series of TED-Ed lessons, titled “Supporting Students in Online Language Learning: Voices of Experience,” places the experience of longtime online language educators at the service of the profession, focusing on nitty-gritty aspects of supporting student success in online language learning and teaching. Topics include:

    • best practices in onboarding at the outset of a course
    • assessment practices, including self-assessment and peer assessment
    • cultivating strong relationships with your students and building peer communities
    • finding support for students facing challenges
    • keeping students engaged
    • personalizing instruction in mixed groups and helping remedial students

    Educators who watch the entire series of ten videos, complete associated TED-Ed lessons, and submit 3-2-1 Reflections based on each episode can earn a digital badge conferred by the National Foreign Language Resource Center (University of Hawai‘i). Badge earners may be eligible to earn a Continuing Education Unit (CEU) towards maintaining their professional qualifications.

    Session Topics

    EPISODE 1: Launching a Successful Semester

    Interviewer: Sarah Boutin
    Interviewees: Meredith White, Lauren Rosen, Erin Pendergast, Crystal Marull

    EPISODE 2: More on the Onboarding Process

    Interviewer: Sarah Boutin
    Interviewees: Lauren Rosen, Erin Pendergast, Crystal Marull, Florencia Henshaw, Elizabeth Edwards

    EPISODE  3: Building Strong Relationships with Your Students

    Interviewer: Sarah Boutin
    Interviewees: Deborah Cafiero, Lauren Rosen, Erin Pendergast, Aria Cabot, Teryn Odom, Edna Rodriguez, Florencia Henshaw

    EPISODE 4: Finding Support for Students Facing Challenges

    Interviewer: Sarah Boutin
    Interviewees: Teryn Odom, Elizabeth Edwards, Erin Pendergast, Deborah Cafiero

    EPISODE 5: Building Supportive Peer Communities

    Interviewer: Sarah Boutin
    Interviewees: Aria Cabot, Sabrina Wengier, Florencia Henshaw, Crystal Marull, Elizabeth Edwards, Erin Pendergast

    EPISODE 6: Has the Meaning of Assessment Changed?

    Interviewer: Sarah Boutin
    Interviewees: Mariam Manzur Leiva, Sandrine Hope, Aria Cabot

    EPISODE 7: Is Self Assessment a Good Idea?

    Interviewer: Sarah Boutin
    Interviewees: Mariam Manzur Leiva, Alexa Haselhorst

    EPISODE 8: Student Engagement in Online Settings

    Interviewer: Sarah Boutin
    Interviewees: Sabrina Wengier, Erin Pendergast, Deborah Cafiero, Florencia Henshaw

    EPISODE 9: Personalized Learning

    Interviewer: Sarah Boutin
    Interviewees: Teryn Odom, Edna Rodriguez, Alexa Haselhorst

    EPISODE 10: Managing Mixed Instruction with Remedial Students

    Interviewer: Sarah Boutin
    Interviewees: Edna Rodriguez, Teryn Odom, Alexa Haselhorst, Sabrina Wengier


    Successful completion of this course will earn a digital badge conferred by the National Foreign Language Resource Center (University of Hawai‘i). Badge earners will be eligible to earn a Continuing Education Unit (CEU) towards maintaining their professional qualifications. To earn the badge, registrants must meet the badge criteria (see below)

    Badge criteria

    Digital Badge and CEU Credit Criteria (2021 Cohort)

    Participants who meet the criteria listed below can earn a digital badge and a CEU credit. 

    Digital Badge

    The digital badge certifies that the badge recipient:

    • Reviewed and considered a substantial body of video interview material shared by experienced world language educators on the topic of Supporting Students in Online Language Learning;
    • Completed at least nine out of ten TED-Ed lessons based on video titles from the 2021 series for a rough total of 5 hours of viewing;
    • Posted substantive responses to discussion prompts in at least nine out of ten selected TED-Ed lessons;
    • Completed and submitted at least nine out of ten 3-2-1 Reflections, one for each selected TED-Ed lesson.

    Note: See the Q&A section below for instructions on how to complete your required badge tasks.

    CEU Credit 

    Participants who meet all the criteria listed under “Digital Badge” above can be eligible to earn continuing education unit (CEU) credit. In order to earn the CEU credit, one requirement is to fulfill the equivalent of 10 contact hours. The badge requirements outlined above are regarded as equivalent to 10 contact  hours for purposes of this series. 

    If you are from the North Carolina Virtual Public School, you will automatically be considered for CEU credit. If you are from a school OTHER than North Carolina Virtual Public School and you wish to earn CEU credit, please contact Stephen Tschudi and provide the name, title, and contact info (phone and/or email) of the supervisor who will be responsible for approving/awarding your professional development credit. 

    Completion Due Date: August 15, 2021.


    TED-Ed Lessons (following live webinars)

    • How do I access the TED-Ed lessons? All TED-Ed lessons are linked above in the Session Topics section.
    • How do I participate in TED-Ed lessons? If you don’t have a TED-Ed account, you will first need to create one (click here). After you log into TED-Ed, you should be able to access and complete each lesson.

    Final Project: 3-2-1 Reflections

    • What are 3-2-1 Reflections? A 3-2-1 Reflection is a brief summary report that you need to complete after completing each TED-Ed lesson. The  3-2-1 Reflection helps you consider what you have learned and how it might apply in your instructional context. For each TED-Ed lesson, you need to provide a summary of three things you learned, two things you plan to implement in your class, and one question that you still have.
    • Where can I find the 3-2-1 Reflection template document, and how do I create my own copy? First, go to the 3-2-1 Reflection Template, then follow this tutorial to create your own copy.
    • How do I submit my 3-2-1 Reflection? Complete this Google Form to submit a URL to your SHARED 3-2-1 Reflections.

    Final Evaluation Survey

    • Please complete this Final Survey to provide us feedback on the series. Mahalo!

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