East Asian Role Plays

    A team consisting of David Hiple (NFLRC), Kyoko Hijirida (East Asian Languages & Literatures), Soo-ah Kim Yuen (East Asian Languages & Literatures), and Cynthia Ning (Center for Chinese Studies) has developed a series of cards for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean that provide task-based role play situations for teaching and testing in East Asian cultural contexts. Specific sets have been created for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, although some of the most universal situations are included in all three sets.

    • Green cards feature simple social or transactional situations and elicit basic conversation.
    • Orange cards feature social or transactional situations, often with a complication, and elicit explanation, description, narration, and reporting.
    • Yellow cards elicit formal or informal speech, sometimes in the context of unfamiliar situations, and often requiring support of opinion and hypothesis.