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    Pragmatics and Second Language Learning

    The NFLRC has carried out numerous research projects concerning the pragmatic aspects of second language use and learning, a number focusing on the investigation of Conversation Analysis as an approach to SLA research. Highlights of our recent work in Pragmatics and Second Language Learning include:

    • Hosting the 17th international Pragmatics and Language Learning (PLL) conference, the best known conference in this field, in 2007 (Organizers: Gabriele Kasper, NFLRC; Dina Yoshimi, UH NRC, Hanh Nguyen, Hawaiʻi Pacific University; Jim Yoshioka, NFLRC);
    • Publishing the selected proceedings of Pragmatics & Language Learning (PLL) since 2005 (Marta Gonzalez-Lloret, Series Editor from 2014); and
    • Initiating a new monograph series, Pragmatics & Interaction (Gabriele Kasper, Series Editor) starting in 2009


    Pragmatics & Language Learning (PLL) series



    Pragmatics & Interaction (P&I) series