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    Toward useful program evaluation in college foreign language education

    Norris, John M., Davis, John McE., Sinicrope, Castle, & Watanabe, Yukiko (Eds.)

    Norris, J. M. (2009). Toward useful program evaluation in college foreign language education. Honolulu, HI: National Foreign Language Resource Center.

    “a much-needed resource for any foreign language practitioner.”

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    This volume reports on innovative, useful evaluation work conducted within U.S. college foreign language programs. An introductory chapter scopes out the territory, reporting key findings from research into the concerns, impetuses, and uses for evaluation that FL educators identify. Seven chapters then highlight examples of evaluations conducted in diverse language programs and institutional contexts. Each case is reported by program-internal educators, who walk readers through critical steps, from identifying evaluation uses, users, and questions, to designing methods, interpreting findings, and taking actions. A concluding chapter reflects on the emerging roles for FL program evaluation and articulates an agenda for integrating evaluation into language education practice.


    Foreword: Introduction to the Volume
    John M. Norris
    1 Identifying and Responding to Evaluation Needs in College Foreign
    Language Programs
    Yukiko Watanabe, John M. Norris, & Marta González-Lloret
    2 The Role of Evaluation in Curriculum Development and Growth of
    the UNM Portuguese Program
    Margo Milleret & Agripino S. Silveira
    3 Coming to Our Senses: The Realities of Program Evaluation
    Frauke Loewensen & Rafael Gómez
    4 Using Evaluation to Design Foreign Language Teacher Training in
    a Literature Program
    Alessandro Zannirato & Loreto Sánchez-Serrano
    5 Developing and Implementing an Evaluation of the Foreign
    Language Requirement at Duke University
    Ingeborg C. Walther
    6 Improving Educational Effectiveness and Promoting Internal
    and External Information-Sharing Through Student Learning
    Outcomes Assessment
    Antonio Grau Sempere, M. Chris Mohn, & Roger Pieroni
    7 Study Abroad and Evaluation: Critical Changes to Enhance
    Linguistic and Cultural Growth
    Violeta Ramsay
    8 Curriculum, Learning, and the Identity of Majors: A Case Study of
    Program Outcomes Evaluation
    Peter C. Pfeiffer & Heidi Byrnes
    9 College Foreign Language Program Evaluation: Current Practice,
    Future Directions
    John McE. Davis, Castle Sinicrope, & Yukiko Watanabe
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