Research among learners of Chinese as a foreign language

    Everson, M. E., & Shen, H. H. (Eds.)

    Everson, M. E., Shen, H. H., & National Foreign Language Resource Center (University of Hawaii at Manoa). (2010). Research among learners of Chinese as a foreign language. Honolulu, HI: National Foreign Language Resource Center.

    “This book offers something for everyone: the technophiles; the technophobes and the academically minded. It would make a welcome addition to the IT shelf of university language support units and language schools alike.” –SYSTEM (2011)

    “This volume brings together a collection of studies that is cutting edge in its theory, design, approach, and perspective of teaching and researching Chinese as a foreign language…” –SSLA, 34 (2012)

    Cutting-edge in its approach and international in its authorship, this fourth monograph in a series sponsored by the Chinese Language Teachers Association features eight research studies that explore a variety of themes, topics, and perspectives important to a variety of stakeholders in the Chinese language learning community. Employing a wide range of research methodologies, the volume provides data from actual Chinese language learners and will be of value to both theoreticians and practitioners alike. [in English & Chinese]


    Editors’ introduction
    Michael E. Everson & Helen H. Shen
    1 The Acquisition of the ba Construction by Adult English Speakers
    Hang Du
    2 Language Attrition in Grammar and Receptive Skills in
    Mandarin Chinese
    Miao-fen Tseng
    3 Analysis of Radical Knowledge Development Among Beginning
    CFL Learners
    Helen H. Shen
    4 The Effects of Word-Knowledge Depth, Part of Speech, and
    Profi ciency Level on Word Association Among Learners of
    Chinese as a Second Language
    Chan Lü
    5 See How They Read: An Investigation Into the Cognitive and
    Metacognitive Strategies of Nonnative Readers of Chinese
    Cecilia Chang
    6 Free Recall from Japanese Learners of Chinese
    Aiqun Liu
    7 Discourse Features and Development in Chinese L2 Writing
    Yun Xiao
    8 Intermediate Distance Learners of Chinese Look Back:
    A Survey Study
    Isabel Tasker
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