New trends and issues in teaching Japanese language and culture

    Cook, Haruko; Hijirida, Kyoko; & Tahara, Mildred (eds.)

    Cook, H. M., Hijirida, K., & Tahara, M. M. (1997). New trends & issues in teaching Japanese language & culture. Honolulu, HI: Second Language Teaching and Curriculum Center, University of Hawai'i at Manoa.

    In recent years, Japanese has become the fourth most commonly taught foreign language at the college level in the United States. As the number of students who study Japanese has increased, the teaching of Japanese as a foreign language has been established as an important academic field of study. This technical report includes nine contributions to the advancement of this field, encompassing the following five important issues:

    • Literature and literature teaching
    • Technology in the language classroom
    • Orthography
    • Testing
    • Grammatical versus pragmatic approaches to language teaching

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