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    Summer Institutes for Professional Development

    NFLRC has carried out summer institutes since 1991, providing training and professional development for K-16 language educators on content areas of national need and topics related to NFLRC projects. They have earned a solid reputation for providing excellent training in teaching methodologies, testing, materials development, and technology-based FL education. For the period 2010-2014, each Summer Institute included participants from the Southeast Asian, Pacific Islands, and East Asian language teaching communities and are being partly funded by the three UH NRCs. For the period 2014-2025, summer institutes have been planned around the core theme of Project-based Language Learning (PBLL).

    Summer 2023

    Summer 2023: Project-Based Language Learning in Action

    Previous Years

    Summer 2022: None

    Summer 2021: Project-Based Language Learning Summer Institute

    Summer 2020: Planning for Project-Based Language Learning

    Summer 2019: Exploring Project-Based Language Learning

    Summer 2018: Pragmatics in Project-Based Language Learning (PBLL)

    Summer 2017: Pathways to Project-Based Language Learning (PBLL)

    Summer 2016: Project-Based Language Learning (PBLL) & Interculturality

    Summer 2015: Project-Based Language Learning (PBLL) in Action

    Summer 2014: Language for Specific Purposes

    Summer 2013: Language for Specific Purposes at Community Colleges

    Summer 2012: Assessments for Japanese Language Instruction

    Summer 2011: Online Learning Communities for Less Commonly Taught Languages

    Summer 2010: 4th Heritage Language Research Institute (done jointly with the National Heritage Language Resource Center)

    Summer 2009: Online Summer Institute for Non-native Teachers of Chinese & Japanese

    Summer 2008: On-line Cafés for Heritage Learners of Filipino, Japanese, Samoan, and Chinese

    Summer 2007: Developing Useful Evaluation Practices in College Foreign Language Programs

    Summer 2006: Conversation Analysis & Language Learning Seminar

    Summer 2005: Designing Effective Foreign Language Placement Tests

    Winter 2004: 2004 NFLRC/COTSEAL Workshop: New Visions for Southeast Asian Language Teaching

    Summer 2003: Corpus Linguistics for Korean Language Learning & Teaching

    Summer 2003: Southeast Asian Pedagogy Workshops

    Spring 2003: CLAN for Conversation Analysis workshop

    Summer 2002: Web-Based Workshops for Advanced Reading & Writing Development & Maintenance

    Summer 2002: Ia Faalautele Lau Gagana Samoan Pedagogy Institute

    Summer 2002: Heritage Learners and National Language Needs

    Summer 2001: Korean Pedagogy Workshop: Task-based Language Teaching

    Summer 2001: Web-Based Workshops for Advanced Reading & Writing Development & Maintenance

    Summer 2001: Developing Web-Based Foreign Language Learning Environments

    Summer 2000: Performance-Based Chinese Language Instruction

    Summer 2000: Computer-Based Tests for Less Commonly Taught Languages

    Summer 1999: Self-Directed Learning: Materials & Strategies

    Summer 1998: Advancing Language Immersion Education: Pacific Perspectives & International Applications

    Summer 1997: Foreign Language Instruction via Distance Education

    Summer 1996: New Technologies & Less Commonly Taught Languages

    Summer 1995: Technology and the Human Factor in Foreign Language Education